a place to breathe


Tinhela610 is a resourcing  wilderness resort  to live a unique, inquisitive retreat experience with nature, self and others. Sojourn at Tinhela610 to encounter our creative, caring and collaborative locale where you can experience new ways of being in harmony with the elements,  surrounded by the mysteries of this enchanted land.

Holly Niemela & Edouard Payen



Damaged, but not broken by the wildfires that erupted in our neighborhood on July 28th 2022, Tinhela610's team is currently working with local, regional and national authorities to assess, plan, find funds and then reconstruct.  

No life was lost in the fires. The firemen did a courageous and truly incredible work of protecting life and property.  We offer our thanks and gratitude for their service. 

Our wilderness lodge remains a green gem surrounded by charred and blackened land.  We lost our technical building, all electrical, solar/voltaic and water systems, one wood stairway and meditation platform. This is still quite consequential financially so we hope to find some help within the EU, Portugal and our local region. 


We consider ourselves graced by this omission of the fire as all wood cabins and the two renovated stone mills were untouched. 


With this devastating news we hear a call for a new beginning.  Perhaps there's a deeper purpose for Tinhela610 than what we had initially thought. How can we learn to accept when something difficult happens to us? How do we repair, rejuvenate or grow in difficult times? How can we rest our weary bones and find softness, kinship and a safe haven to recuperate? Maybe these issues will be important to address for those of you out there? Perhaps Tinhela610 will be the place to come to, 

 to breath and to heal.

We hope to count you amongst us as this new adventure in our wilderness lodge unfolds.  


Holly Niemela & Edouard Payen


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