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Daughters of the Elements

Olivia, Dorcas & Luccia

Date de départ

May 19, 2024

Date de retour

May 24, 2024


Olivia, Dorcas & Luccia

About the retreat

Daughters of the Elements

From 4pm 19 May till 11am 24 May 2024

with Olivia & Dorcas and guest teacher Luccia

French & English speakers welcome

Four sacred elements, Four sacred emotions. Restore your connection with earth, water, fire, air and honor your emotions; love, sadness, anger and joy.

Come join retreat leaders Olivia, Dorcas and guest teacher Luccia on a six day / five night back to Mother Earth, back to bountiful simplicity retreat. During this week long voyage together, we will take time to nurture and learn about the four main elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. In addition, we have intentionally aligned four fundamental emotions: Love, Sadness, Anger and Joy to uncover and embrace. Each day will be re-discovery of one of these elements and one of these emotions; where you will be able to explore and bring to life these aspects by the way of kundalini yoga, pranayama, creative-hands-on workshops, healing ceremonies, journal prompts, reflection time and much more. We wanted to call this retreat Daughters of the Elements, as will have a focus on the divine feminine energy – and what this truly is. As each of us is both masculine and feminine all are welcome.

We invite you to retrain your eyes, ears, touch, all the senses to see and feel the healing powers of the fundamental elements and foundational emotions. We will disconnect from the outside world, and focus on the power of the present, the power of softness and power of the divine feminine receiving Mother Earth energy. We will inspire you to step into “nothingness” and release the need for “over production”. We will get back to the basics, our roots and our true being.

When we are aligned with the elements of our Universe and understand our own emotional systems we will indefinitely create more peace, freedom, connection to the present and everyday life brilliance.

Daily :

Kundalini Yoga & Pranayama

Creative Hands-on Workshops

Educational Teachings + Tools

Healing Ceremonies

Organic & Local Cuisine

Profound Nature Connection (unplugged)

Journaling & Reflection

Full Moon Ceremony (23 May)

Sauna + More

For bookings and further information for this retreat please contact directly :

Olivia Pannella

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