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RESET Fasting Retreat

Holly Niemela

Date de départ

September 22, 2024

Date de retour

September 27, 2024


Holly Niemela

About the retreat

RESET Fasting Retreat

22 - 27 September 2024

guided by Holly Niemela

EN/FR languages

Cuisine 5 Day ProLon Mimic Fasting products

This is a Tinhela610 curated retreat.

Some of us women hit 50 and feel like our our bodies, minds and emotions have been hijacked by some outworldly alien--we literally feel possessed--as if someone else has taken over. When perimenopause started, it was a shocker to me. Mood swings, weight gain (especially around the midsection), hot flashes, tiredness, forgetfulness--unfortunately very common biproducts of of the perimenopausal hormonal changes that can rather wipe us women out.

I found comfort in meditation, regular exercise and a lot of laughing with my girlfriends. However, those extra kilos just did not I started to fast--once a year. And it helps.

I've been fasting since 2011 when all this menomania weight gain got the best of me and since have done about 10 fasts. Two of those took place at the Buchinger Clinic in Germany--the world's most renowned fasting clinic. I learned alot about fasting and fortunately for me, fasting was not so difficult. For many of my students in peri or menopause, fasting is horrendously difficult and unmanageable.

I recently discovered ProLon, a company that has scientifically-proven products (with patents) that mimic the body in its fasting state. In fact, they have a number of products along with a 5 Day Program that help to bring the body into a ketonic state where one burns fat but doesn't lose muscle. It melts belly fat! What ProLon suggests is to do this 5 day fasting 3 months in a row for best results. I was intrigued.

I tried the 5 Day ProLon Program. Easy, so easy as everything is packed in five boxes, corresponding to the five days of fasting. I had very good results and never felt the hunger pangs or other difficulties of "water and juice" fasting.

This is why I wanted to organise a retreat around this new kind of fasting. What better way to jump-start a new healthy you (and right at the change of season) than to be in nature, meditate, exercise, share with others, lots of deep sleep and relaxation? The 5-day nutritional patented program is unique in that it promotes rejuvenation from within for healthy aging... plus really helps to break down fat. It's recommended to continue the 5 day ProLon program in the comfort of your home for the next 2 months following the retreat. According to ProLon, doing the 5 day fasting once per month for 3 months is how you will gain the most benefits. That's why starting it out with us in a group setting makes a lot of sense.

Take your body on a 5-day journey towards renewal. I will guide you for four hours per day in movement and meditation, relaxation and discovery. Let the ambience of the nature at Tinhela610 soothe and rejuvenate your body, your mind and your emotions.

From ProLon:

Discovered and developed at the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California, the ProLon technology is plant-based nutrition that allows the body to enter into a beneficial fasting state without triggering the cells’ nutrient sensors. As the name suggests, it actually mimics fasting…while still allowing you to eat food. This nourished fasting fine-tunes cells, supports healthy aging, and eliminates the need to do a water-only starvation fast, which can have negative side effects.

Our Offer

Price per person, 5 nights, sharing a double room in twin beds or queen bed for couples, including the 5 Day ProLon Fasting Program, all taxes included : 990€ VAT

Price for a single room (limited in number), 5 nights, including the 5 Day ProLon Fasting Program, 4 hours of guided practice/teachings per full day, all taxes included : 1760€ VAT


  • Transportation is not included. We are 125km or a 1h30 min drive from the Porto International airport (very easy drive if you rent a car). We also can arrange for pickup/dropoff services.

  • Travel insurance is not included but highly recommended for you to purchase before your arrival.

  • Massage and other healing/relaxation methods will be offered during each retreat.

  • We can suggest numerous "Pre/Post" retreat options with our partners for a stay in Porto or in our region (golf & thermal waters at the Vidago Palace, Douro Valley Vineyards etc).

The ProLon fast described here, day by day

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