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The Exploration Retreat.

Ambre-Victoire Damestoy

Date de départ

August 18, 2024

Date de retour

August 23, 2024


Ambre-Victoire Damestoy

About the retreat

The Exploration Retreat.

An Inner Journey through Mind, Body and Spirit.

From 4pm on 18 August to 11am on 23 August 2024

with Ambre-Victoire Damestoy


Cuisine Vegetarian

The Exploration Retreat is an invitation to embark on a profound exploration of movement, discerning presence and self-discovery. In the heart of nature, with the gentle embrace of the Tinhela river, we will discover how movement is not just a physical expression; it's a sacred conduit that aligns the trinity of body, mind, and spirit.

From the early days of Ambre-Victoire's childhood, dancing was her language of self-expression. As she traversed the world, she discovered the rhythmic flow of free surfing, a dance upon the waves that resonates with the intuitive grace of yoga. At 24, surfing entered her life, becoming a passion that drove her to delve deep into the intricate dance between body and board. This is what she wishes to share with you.

This immersive week is an offering – a sacred space for you to connect with your intuitive self, to play with the fluidity of your own movement. Through dedicated practice and a focus on body control and mental clarity, we will explore the realms of shoulder and hip mobility, balance, strength, resistance, and flexibility. Just as every wave demands a unique response, so too does life, and in understanding our bodies, we align ourselves with the natural ebb and flow.

A personal note from Ambre-Victoire

Hello, I'm Ambre, Coming from a background deeply rooted in the art of dance, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery through various outdoor activities. It wasn't until I discovered the world of free surfing, especially longboarding, that I found a new way to dance—this time, with the elements.

Surfing became more than a sport; it became an obsession, a dance with the waves that ignited a profound passion within me. I started my surfing journey relatively late after my studies. It’s while traveling the East Coast of Australia that I was determined to evolve and deepen my connection with this transformative practice, I sought to complement it with yoga. In the coastal haven of Byron Bay, I earned my 800-hour yoga teacher training certificate, adding a new layer to my evolving movement journey.

As I continued to surf and travel, I cultivated my own unique movement practice, a fusion of dance, yoga, and the fluidity of surfing. Along the way, I achieved significant milestones in my surfing journey, winning prestigious contests and collaborating with artists to create content that embodies our shared creative touch.

Today, my journey is a continuous exploration of movement—a perpetual learning experience that extends beyond the waves. I'm committed to nurturing the intricate relationship between my body, mind, and spirit, staying true to myself and embracing the magic that unfolds when movement becomes a prayer turned inward.

For me, movement is not just a physical expression; it's a spiritual practice, a form of communication with the self. It's a space where magic happens, trust is built, and an ever-deepening connection with the essence of who I am unfolds. Join me on this journey of perpetual learning, self-discovery, and the exploration of movement as a sacred art. Stay tuned for more insights, experiences, and a genuine commitment to living authentically.

As both a perpetual student and teacher in the dance of life, I am excited to share the wisdom of my journey with you. The Exploration Retreat is an opportunity to realign your body, mind, and spirit, unlock your higher self and embrace your limitless potential.


Price per person, 5 nights, sharing a double room in twin beds or queen bed for couples, including brunch, snacks and three course dinner with wine, all taxes included : TBA

Price for a single room (limited in number) including 5 nights, brunch, snacks and three course dinner with wine, all taxes included : TBA

Contact to book:

Ambre-Victoire Damestoy


  • Transportation is not included. Tinhela610 is125km or a 1h30 min drive from the Porto International airport (very easy drive if you rent a car). At the Porto Airport one can take a Hitch, Uber or Lift as well.

  • Travel insurance is not included but highly recommended for you to purchase before your arrival.

  • We can suggest numerous "Pre/Post" retreat options with our partners for a stay in Porto or in our region (golf & thermal waters at the Vidago Palace, Douro Valley Vineyards etc).

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