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Your Wild Voice

Ana Maria Pinto

Date de départ

June 9, 2024

Date de retour

June 14, 2024


Ana Maria Pinto

About the retreat

Your Wild Voice 

with Ana Maria Pinto

9-14 June 2024

Languages: EN/PT

Cuisine Flexitarian

This is a Tinhela610 curated retreat.

Sing, be enchanted, relax, let go and find your voice. The voice that perhaps has been forgotten?

Your wild voice, embedded in the wisdom of your body. The mirror voice of the lineages, open resonance of the wound and the feeling of every muscle that screams, cries and laughs, you savage, daughter of other daughters, daughters of the Earth. Your voice that inflames you, that lights your guts, the voice that rises in tears to the spark that gives you Eternal Life. Your voice that teaches you to heal with sacred sounds.

The voice that remembers giving birth and being born. The voice that never stops germinating because it is the seed and the flower of life in the cosmic sky. The the voice that tears the path to the light.... the voice that you feel in your guts and in your sore legs, the voice ripped from the inside of your body, the free voice, profoundly and immensely free in your hands!

The wild voice, the voice that roars, the voice that screams, the voice outside of time and space, the voice of fear before your vivid, present and terribly lucid eyes. The voice of intensely raw and pure love, the love that chews every particle, the love that never ends, the love of an imperishable tree in the center of your chest, the voice of Universal Love.

You are whole and your Power is indestructible. You are the Voice of an Angel on Earth, You are the Light! Know Your movement, embrace Yourself, expand Yourself, remember the Flower and the Wind in every atom of your Body, reveal Yourself to Yourself - in Your Voice.

What to expect in the 5 hours of guided practices per day:

  • Experimentation and improvisation with the principles of sensitive and intuitive vocal technique.

  • Recognition of the sensations of the singing body.

  • Contact with the wild vocality in the volcanic catharsis and in the bird’s gentle flight

  • Meditations for discernment between cultural singing and the ancestral singing voice.

  • Singing and dance circles for initiation into telluric and stellar energy

  • Contact with the energy of the inner child through singing and intuitive movement

  • Moments of immersive singing for relaxation and transcendence.


Ana Maria Pinto

Soprano, Teacher, Composer, Producer and Mentor

Ana Maria Pinto was born in Porto and graduated in the the University of the Arts in Berlin (UdK). She received scholarships from the Walter-Kaminsky Foundation (Munich) and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for 3 years. In 2016 she created and founded Novaterra, Associação Cultural Arte e Ambiente where she works as a producer, teacher and conductor of 4 choirs. 

Throughout her career she developed a multifaceted repertoire, placing special emphasis on German and Portuguese song. She worked with several world-renowned conductors, including Lawrence Foster, Joana Carneiro, Michel Corboz, Bertrand de Billy and Simone Young,  and performed in  iconic concert halls such as the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Coliseu do Porto and CCB. 

Abroad, she performed in Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, France, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Namibia and Guinea Bissau. She played the role of Cecilia in the film "Casanova Variations" where she starred with John Mallkovich and sang with tenor Jonas Kaufmann. 

She has released 11 albums and wrote more than 100 songs for children based on her Blue Method (fusion of artistic education with environmental education). In 2018 she released her book of poetic prose “I know the size of eternity”. 

Ana Maria Pinto created the The Voice of the School in October 2021 where she holds Courses, Meditative Concerts, Sacred and Shamanic Circles as well as Retreats focused on the voice as a path to self-knowledge and connection with the wild and stellar nature of the human being. Her multifaceted and original work has been a source of transformation. 

Our Offer:

Price per person, 5 nights, sharing a double room in twin beds or queen bed for couples, including brunch, snacks and three course dinner with wine, all taxes included : 990€

Price for a single room (limited in number) including 5 nights, brunch, snacks and three course dinner with wine, all taxes included : 1650€


  • Transportation is not included. We are 125km or a 1h30 min drive from the Porto International airport (very easy drive if you rent a car). We also can arrange for pickup/dropoff services.

  • Travel insurance is not included but highly recommended for you to purchase before your arrival.

  • Massage and other healing/relaxation methods will be offered during each retreat.

  • We can suggest numerous "Pre/Post" retreat options with our partners for a stay in Porto or in our region (golf & thermal waters at the Vidago Palace, Douro Valley Vineyards etc).

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