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Peace of Mind Retreat EN. SOLD OUT

Holly Niemela, Edouard Payen

Data de partida

September 12, 2024

Data de retorno

September 16, 2024


Holly Niemela, Edouard Payen

Sobre o retiro

Peace of Mind Retreat/Tranquillité de l'Esprit.

Tinhela610 Signature Retreat SOLD OUT

Discover Tinhela610 with Edouard Payen & Holly Niemela, Founders of Tinhela610

12-16 September 2024


Cuisine Flex

SPECIAL: mushroom hunting with a local guide!


Peace of Mind Retreat is our signature retreat... a "lifestyle laboratory" to inspire new ways of being that can help boost our consciousness, improve our health and stimulate our creativity to better meet the challenges of this millennium.  But overall, this retreat is to find some peace of mind…and learn how to maintain it.

From our wilderness sanctuary we will  experience different modalities in terms of nourishment, sleep, relaxation, movement (yoga, Chi Gong Baton), connection to nature, and journaling.  Time spent observing our natural surroundings in silence can have a profound effect on our healthy and wellbeing.  We promote silent walks and moments of just sitting in nature--or lying in our hammocks. 

Peace of Mind is inspired in part by the history of our land and how gold was sourced here in abundance.  So let’s ask ourselves “what’s my gold? what’s of value to me today…” Can we find our source of Inner Gold? Beyond the idea of a monetary value of gold, we wish to ask you : what is of value to you today? What is your gold?

For most folks, time and health are the two most valuable assets.  So how do we manage to live each moment, consciously? How can we have the “time of our lives”? How do we develop the conditions for high quality old age and longevity?  What are the components of a healthy lifestyle of prevention instead of trying to fix things once we face illness? 

Gold is all around us historically--the  local Roman gold mines of Trésminas, gold in the river Tinhela and today by our usage of the Golden Ratio/Fibonnaci sequence in the renovation of the buildings at T610. The Fibonnaci sequence is the mathematical and divine configuration of how Nature has built everything from pine cones to sunflowers to human beings.  

Our name, Tinhela610 includes the Fibonnaci number 610 which refers to the measurement of the river bank’s altitude. 

Peace of Mind will link back to the Blue Zones; those geographic areas of the world with lower rates of chronic disease and a longer life expectancy. We will carefully study the 9 Principles that are common to those in the Blue Zones that help to live long and live well. 

The high vibrational energy of the elements at Tinhela610 work together to intuitively help you find what you need most. There will be movement classes, themed talks, helping out in the permaculture garden (getting your hands into the earth!) guided meditation and relaxation -- please note that everything is optional. We want you to feel free to enjoy your time in our magical wonderland and pick and choose what you would like to do.

Relax in one of our numerous hammocks outdoors? Pick up the sketch board or water colors? Walk the land? Bird watching? We provide many different experiences that you can just get up and go to be on your own.

Meals are homestyle--a delicious brunch served at 11am, with hot drinks provided as soon as you wake up (along with nuts or a fresh fruit if brunch seems too far away!). Snacks in the afternoon and dinner at 7:30pm -- with wine and port, if so desired.

There could be stargazing at night or foraging of our wild plants with our local professional herbologist, singing or chatting around the fire at night before a peaceful night's sleep. Deeply slumber.

There will be a massage therapist on call by rdv and sauna two times during your retreat. The river is calling you for a fresh dip too.

This is the time of our lives.

Typical Day:

8h Wake up at your leisure, with hot drinks

9h -10h30 Movement and Breathwork practices

11h Hearty Brunch

Afternoons are free to explore, swim, bath in the river, nap, walk or even do some gardening.

16h Snack

17h Teaching and Guided Relaxation

18h Meditation

19h30 Dinner

Our Offer

Price per person, 5 nights, sharing a double room in twin beds or queen bed, including 3 hours of guided practice/teachings per full day, all taxes included : 990€

Price for a single room (limited in number), 5 nights, including 3 hours of guided practice/teachings per full day, all taxes included : 1540€


  • Transportation is not included. We are 125km or a 1h30 min drive from the Porto International airport (very easy drive if you rent a car). We also can arrange for pickup/dropoff services.

  • Travel insurance is not included but highly recommended for you to purchase before your arrival.

  • Massage and other healing/relaxation methods will be offered during each retreat by RDV.

  • We can suggest numerous "Pre/Post" retreat options with our partners for a stay in Porto or in our region (golf & thermal waters at the Vidago Palace, Douro Valley Vineyards etc).

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