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Reset. Rebalance. Renew

Louise Wint, Hayley Evans of Roam Retreats

Data de partida

May 11, 2024

Data de retorno

May 16, 2024


Louise Wint, Hayley Evans of Roam Retreats

Sobre o retiro


Live in your divine nature, calm, peaceful, expansive and clear.

(This retreat is booked directly through

Escape into nature and find your flow with our transformational, reflective & balancing retreat experience this May. Join us for a 4-day / 5-night blend of Yoga, Ayurveda, Metaphysics and Breathwork surrounded by the untamed beauty of Northern Portugal.

‘Roam’ is all about exploring within, about understanding and connecting with our innate Power. Our uniqueness is a treasure waiting to be discovered and so by introducing techniques, new perspectives and methods that allow us to build more Self-Awareness, we know you will move into your flow. In cultivating your Awareness, comes the chance to choose differently, to create a new reality. Allowing us to find ways to bring about a sense of Ease in Life, despite the challenges that may arise.

Our daily yoga classes cover Vinyasa and Yin alongside conscious breathing, mindfulness and meditation. Classes are taught with the intention of assisting you in establishing a daily routine of health and wellness, to deepen your understanding of Yoga philosophy, both on and off the mat.

Our Self Enquiry classes include discussions around Metaphysical Philosophy and Ayurvedic Principles. Like Yoga, these two wisdoms can help bring about a deeper understanding of phrases such as “you are not your thoughts”. Through an understanding of these principles, we will share simple, but mighty, tools and techniques to help support you long after the retreat has ended.

We want to enable you to head home with more Space and Ease in your heart, through your body, and in your thinking. With a strengthened ability to find a place of calm, time and again, amid the changing surroundings and experiences of daily living. In creating ‘space’ in your mind and body, you allow an opening for your Divine Nature to flow through and support you. This is what you walk back into your life with.

It promises to be Connective, Informative, Life-enhancing, and Magical.

There is always magic, power and synchronicity in the group that gathers, and we humbly look forward to sharing that with you, in the beautiful surroundings that are Tinhela610.


08.00 - 09.30 Easeful Vinyasa Yoga class – including Meditation & Pranayama.

10.30 Slow Brunch

12.00 - 14.00 Heartening Self Enquiry; Explore your Unique sense of connection, as we share the Principles and tools within Metaphysics & Ayurveda – 2 days per philosophy.

14.30 Teatime

17.30 Gentle Yin Yoga class – including Meditation & Pranayama.

19.00 Nourishing Dinner


Price per person, 5 nights, sharing a double room in twin beds or queen bed for couples, including brunch, snacks and three course dinner with wine, all taxes included: 995 €

Price for a single room (limited in number) including 5 nights, brunch, snacks and three course dinner with wine, all taxes included: 1750 €

For bookings and further information for this retreat please contact

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