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CE1 - Inner Gold

Coming in 2023

  • 1,500 euros

Curated Experience

Teachers: Holly Niemela & Edouard Payen Languages: EN/FR Menu: Flexitarian Our signature retreat. To introduce Tinhela610 to the world we’ve created our signature retreat Inner Gold, inspired by the local Roman-age gold mines of Trésminas, gold in the river Tinhela and the Golden Ratio/Fibonnaci sequence --the mathematical yet divine configuration of how Nature has built everything from pine cones to sunflowers to how our faces are harmonious. Our name, Tinhela610 includes the Fibonnaci number 610 which refers to the river bank’s altitude. For most, time and health are our two most valuable assets. How do we manage to best live each moment? How can we have the “time of our lives”? How do we maintain a healthy lifestyle? What are the components of a healthy lifestyle of prevention instead of trying to fix things once we face illness? Inner Gold is a Curated Experience to learn to feel good again about yourself, to take care of yourself and to find those wellness tools to bring home--whether it’s about better sleep, being the boss of your attention, eating less or more healthily, moving your body, training your breath or managing your stress. HIghlights: 5 hours of guided practice per day. Yoga (all levels), breathwork, meditation, guided relaxation, teachings to build your wellness foundation from the inside out. Cold water training (ie Wim Hof) Mindful presence and Chi Gong Longevity Practice with Batons. Yagya Fire Ceremony. Sound Bath. Unguided Relaxation Activities: Sit in nature for some shinrin-yoku “forest bathing” or bathe in the river, sweat it out in the sauna, lie on your bed and listen to the sounds of nature, take long, slow, deep breaths perfumed with the essence of lavender. Explore the paths, fields and forests around us. Fish in the river for some trout! Borrow the binoculars and do some seriously cool bird watching. Meals. Our days are highlighted by delicious and harmonizing meals to help reboost and revitalize your health. Using only organic or locally sourced products, we seek to have the highest quality food in terms of how it was grown or produced. The vibrational quality of food and beverage is of upmost importance to us. All cabins are based upon 2 person occupancy in single beds. We unfortunately do not offer single supplements. If you want a private cabin, you will need to buy both beds. Dates and Prices for 2023 will be announced in November 2022.

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