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This course can no longer be booked.

CE2 - Tranquility in Nature & in Oneself

Coming in 2023

  • 1,500 euros

Curated Experience

Tranquilidade na Natureza. Tranquilidade em mim. Tranquility in Nature, Tranquility in Oneself. Teachers: Carolina Pizarro and Holly Niemela Languages: PT/EN Menu: Vegetarian Practice the art of tranquility by returning to the simple ways of life in Nature. Connect with your creative being as a path of self-knowledge. Highlights: 5+ hours of guided yoga,meditation & relaxation practice per day : Wake up with the light of the dawn and listen to the outside world as it awakens. Morning Vinyasa yoga with Carolina Calm your mind with gentle meditation practices with Holly Listen to the musical notes played by Carolina on her Sitar, absorb the vibrations and retune your body like an instrument. Guided relaxation and artistic awakening: there will be a special journey of self-liberation through a one day deep relaxation and painting experience "Saraswati" Learn the art of breath, connecting with your body, embraced by nature. Yagya Fire Ceremony, Kirtan and Chanting of Mantras. Our main teacher will be Carolina Pizarro. She is passionate about nature, philosophy and freedom, was born in Lisbon in 1991. From an early age she dedicated herself to Painting, Music and Yoga - she considers this to be the trinity that makes her express everything she is. In 2013 she started teaching Yoga and co-founded the music project MERU where she intuitively composes, sings, plays sitar, adufe, native american flute, among others. Carolina created the project The Sarasvati Experience, a group experience in a circle, of transmutation of the dense physical body to the subtle body, combining yoga techniques, guided relaxation, sound journey, mantras, painting and meditation. ( Unguided Relaxation Activities: Sit in nature for some shinrin-yoku “forest bathing” or bathe in the river, sweat it out in the sauna, lie on your bed and listen to the sounds of nature, take long, slow, deep breaths perfumed with the essence of lavender. Explore the paths, fields and forests around us. Fish in the river for some trout! Borrow the binoculars and do some seriously cool bird watching. All cabins are based upon 2 person occupancy in single beds. We unfortunately do not offer single supplements. If you want a private cabin, you will need to buy both beds. Dates and Prices for 2023 will be announced in November 2022.

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