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Marie de Hennezel

Psychologist and writer, author of several books on the experience of aging (the warmth of the heart keeps our bodies from rusting, A life to give birth to, age, desire and love – all in paperback format) anime seminars on the art of aging well and remaining desirous for ten years.


As you grow older, the question of the meaning of your life deepens, the relationship to time and love changes. The question of inner peace arises. Marie de Hennezel will offer a daily reflection on the spiritual experience of aging which invites a journey towards interiority, an awareness of the Self, a reorientation of energy towards more interior and spiritual objectives and a meditation on its finitude. 

Marie de Hennezel link

Soumaya Hallak


Soumaya is an international lyric opera singer and a singing teacher who moves us to find harmony through our voices and our ears. 

Her many years of training, discipline and performances has inspired her to teach others to also find their voices, listen--differently--to life around us.  She participates in the non-profit association in Syria 1, 2, 3, HOPE LOVE LIFE for Peace to help bring joy in the lives of the children.

Singer of the Soul.

Gentle kindness, fierce lover of life.


Soumaya Hallak1, 2, 3, HOPE LOVE LIFE for PEACE

Dramane Cissiko

Dramane, est Maître diplômé en Arts Martiaux, professeur de Taïchi, Chi-Gong  et de Kungfu et coach dans un centre sportif renommé à Paris. Il a grandi au Mali entre un Grand Père marabout dont il a apris l’art de la guérison et  un  Maitre vietnamien de Chi-qong, Taichi et arts martiaux incluant boxe thai dont il a intégré tous les enseignements.


Après des années de compétitions en Afrique, Dramane arrive en France il y a 10 ans et applique ce qu’il a appris dans le monde hospitalier, pour les soins aux malades et des formation de personnels : pompiers et policiers.  

Il aime partager ce qu’il a appris et enseigne l’art de la posture et de l’action aux adultes, des sportifs de hauts niveaux et aux personnes en apprentissage de réadaptation. Son travail est une mélange de posturologuie, d’action juste et aussi de massages des points vitaux. Maître des Arts Martiaux, Guérisseur.

Carolina Pizarro


Carolina Pizarro, passionate about nature, philosophy and freedom, was born in Lisbon in 1991. From an early age she dedicates herself to Painting, Music and Yoga - she considers this to be the trinity that makes her express everything she is.

 In 2013 she started teaching Yoga and co-founded the music project MERU where she intuitively composes, sings, plays sitar, adufe, native american flute, among others. Carolina created the project The Sarasvati Experience, a group experience in a circle, of transmutation of the dense physical body to the subtle body, combining yoga techniques, guided relaxation, sound journey, mantras, painting and meditation.

She currently lives in Ericeira by the atlantic ocean, teaches regular yoga classes, and from time to time gives sound journeys, concerts and workshops on breathing, mantra or painting.

(In her classes, traditional Hatha Yoga is learned with a bit of Vinyasa style, always with pranayama techniques, relaxation, meditation and more.)

Through her work, she feels as mission to awaken in others awareness, sensitivity, compassion, healing and creativity.

Marie Vergne


Marie is a french, 30 year old yoga teacher, naturopathe and overall holistic health specialist,  living in Paris.  Since her young years, Marie has been passionate about movement and dance.  Her first contact with yoga was in a 2017 retreat in  Bali in the middle of a jungle. From this experience she realized she must seek the knowledge, wisdom and practices of yoga.  Moving to London thereafter, she experienced many teaching styles and types of yoga.  She completed a 200 YTT in Rishikesh India in 2019 and began her teaching career upon her return to London. 

Upon her move back to Paris, she acquired more yogic training in Yin Yoga  (Yoga People) and in pre/post natal yoga (Institut Gasquet).  Marie then began studies in naturopathy which will soon be completed.  She will use naturopathy, a holistic approach to health and wellness, alongside her yogic training, to offer a full solution for her clients. Yoga Flow, Naturopathe, Yin Yoga & Deep Relaxation. 


Marie Vergne

Camille Benitah


"I've been exploring myself for as long as I can remember. I traveled a lot, explored my body, heart and mind and finally met my soul. I believe that self-exploration is the first step toward happiness. I teach yoga, journaling and humanist hypnosis to help people build a loving and healthy relationship with themselves. I share these tools that have helped me the most in my own life”. Five years ago, 30 year old Camille discovered what yoga really is  via a self-discovery trip in India.  Her innate capacity to call upon her inner connection and self-examine is her force that she shares in her yoga teachings. Yoga & Self Exploration. Journaling. Creation of Mandalas. Relaxation. Camille Benitah


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