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We believe in order to build sustainable, ecological economies, our future world and a healthy planet, we must understand our own relationship with nature and ourselves. We use the term “inner-sustainability” to describe the process of knowing oneself and being consciously aware of how to best manage one’s present and future choices.  Hopefully, these choices will coincide naturally with decision-making that opts for a durable world with equitable economies.  

The nature at Tinhela610 offers beauty and abundance, calm and serenity.  Using this as our base, our guests can plug into the flora and fauna, the stars and sky, the wildlife and birds--and become more grounded, adaptable, recharged and focused.  We both feel, as perfectly put by podcaster Rich Roll


"we share a bristled resistance to the flavor of the month self-help (gurus), an allergy to the life-hack culture and relentless optimization...along with the reductive binary conclusions and statements of the pursuit of excellence...".  

Our combined experience of over 50 years of work in the field of human flourishing has given birth to our ultimate project, Tinhela610. Thus, our greatest endeavor is to contribute positively to human, animal, plant and mineral life on this majestic planet Earth. 

Holly Niemela and Edouard Payen, founders of Tinhela610
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