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When there is no retreat planned, discover Tinhela610 with our Bed & Breakfast offer (minimum 3 nights).  Live life in the slow lane while you explore our wilderness; rivers, paths, secret hideaways and hammocks. Stay in your own private cozy wood cabin and sleep like a baby after a steamy hot finnish wood sauna and a dip in the river. Wake up to a full breakfast, homemade and delicious--including the eggs from our chickens!  2024 B&B Quiety in the Wild : A cozy stay in our Cabins for three nights, double occupancy, with a hearty breakfast starting at 825€. 


We hire out the facilities of Tinhela610 throughout the year--to other retreat leaders, companies and private groups--minimum 3 nights stay.  There are seven cabins with a capacity for fourteen guests. We can design your exclusive stay with different amenities such as a private chef, physical fitness/yoga/other kinds of exercise, spa treatments and other kinds of experiences such as star gazing, nature hikes, geological and historical talks, wine/culinary experiences and more.  Our goal is to make your experience at Tinhela610 epic. Tinhela610 is available to rent weekly, with a chef and guardian, for your summer holidays. 


Upon arrival at Tinhela610, slip into a new way of being--unwind and relax. Let go of the urban lifestyle and listen to the sounds outside to better tune into yourself. Tinhela610 is a place to breathe. The air is clean and fresh--take time to lounge on a big rock by the river, taking long, slow deep breaths. Empty your mind. Be in the moment.

At our wilderness wonderland, time is kept by simple rituals--fetch your water from the stone and copper fountain to bring to your cabin to wash up or brush your teeth,  hike the paths, exercise on the outdoor movement platform, nourish yourself at brunch with fresh, local and organic food made with love and attention. 

Learn about permaculture and life at an off-the-grid facility. We are proud to be a self-sustainable and regenerative organisation and hope to inspire others to learn to live more with less. 


Experience our Cozy Wood Cabins


2 Guests




Queen or Twins Beds


Our all natural, sweet smelling wood cabins for two guests are conceived for deep relaxation along with a quiet and peaceful night’s sleep. Each 15m2 cabin includes handcrafted twin or queen bed equipped with all natural mattresses from CocoMat—the world’s leader in luxury bedding for hotels. Our fine linens are exclusively from Portuguese mills—not far from Tinhela610.


Blackout curtains provide a dark space for the best sleep possible. Each cozy cabin has built-in storage shelves and a large drawer under each bed with by far enough space to store all your clothes for a week's stay. Two large windows give spectacular views of the river and the surrounding nature. A lovely porcelain sink for washing up with water from our fountain. There is a place to sit, write and reflect. No cabins have toilettes but they are in close proximity.


Staying in a wood cabin in this wilderness wonderland brings deep peace and inner harmony. Included in the B&B 2024 Discovery Offer for 2 Guests: a delicious, healthy breakfast, often with a mix of fresh eggs from our chickens, porridge, fresh bread, fermented vegetables, fruits and other local products along with full use of Tinhela610 following our concept of life in a wilderness retreat sanctuary. 

What to bring:  What you bring in, you bring out--so pack lightly. Ecological toothpaste and other personal hygiene products (ecological please as we have organic waste treatment that works best with only biodegradable products). Slip on shoes for walking to the bathhouse/sauna and comfortable walking shoes. No laundry service but heck no worries to re-wear those jean shorts!  Think of T610 like going to camp, but for adults! Certainly, don't forget to bring an open mind. 


  • Work Space

  • Towels

  • All natural mattresses

  • Bathrobes

  • Blackout Curtains

  • Burel Blankets

  • Coco Mat Mattresses

  • Fine Portuguese Linens

  • River and nature views

  • Porcelain Sink and Pitchers

Check In 4pm & Check Out 11am

Starting in September 2024, we've created a 3 night stay called


As we all know inner depletion and feeling overwhelmed by our hectic daily lives where our internal batteries are nearing zero and replenishment is hard to find, we imagined these "Quietly Wild" in the wild weekends with the aim of rejuvenating ourselves. 


Let’s unwind, rest and find some sweetness for ourselves in this magical place, Tinhela610.


Come and live life in the slow lane while you explore our wilderness; rivers, paths, secret hideaways and hammocks. Stay in your own private cozy wood cabin and sleep like a baby after a steamy hot finnish wood sauna and a dip in the river. Starting in September, from 825€ for two, sharing a cabin, including a hearty breakfast.  

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