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Are you ready to escape the ordinary and redefine your understanding of taking much needed time off? Tinhela610 beckons you to come. Time spent here is an expedition into the uncharted territory of your soul.

Retreats at Tinhela610 are a wonderful way to experience our essence. The rugged and rocky landscape provides the dramatic backdrop for Tinhela610, where the line between adventure and introspection blurs. It's a place where the untamed spirit of the land intertwines with the unapologetic audacity of the retreat's ethos and brings you to a bright perspective in life. Imbibed, interconnected, free.

Peace of Mind, our signature retreat, is taught by Holly Niemela and Edouard Payen, owners of Tinhela610.  These five days, five nights are perfect to experience our wilderness wonderland with movement and meditation classes and some themed talks.  Otherwise, in this retreat you are here to experience Tinhela610 in your own way, searching for what you need in the nature, art, silence or whatever else you may discover while here. 

All of our other retreats are guided by experienced, international teachers and vary in length from 3 to 7 days. Each retreat is centered around a theme/experience with its Leader. The variety of themes/experiences is extensive:

ecstatic dance, blue zones, fitness in the wilderness, womens health and wellbeing, yoga (hatha, kundalini, vinyasa...), chi gong, meditation (mindfulness, yogic, TM, vipassana), “food as medicine” cooking, detox/fasting, meno-pause, longevity with quality lifestyle, singing your heart out, artistic endeavors and boosting creativity…

Each retreat includes approximately 3 to 5hrs of teaching per day. The rest of the day is for personal exploration, relaxation and communion with others, nature and oneself. Professionals offering massage therapies and other healing modalities will be available on-site as well. 

Our days are highlighted by delicious and harmonizing meals to help reboost and revitalize your health. Using a majority of organic or locally sourced products, we seek to have the highest quality food and drinks for our guests. Every retreat will have a specific meal plan, cook/chef and will follow the conception of each retreat leader.


Our detox/fasting retreats will use scientifically advanced products from ProLon-- a precision nutrition technology clinically proven to keep you in a fasting state while nourishing your body with food.

​All retreats revolve around our four foundational pillars of wellbeing: sleep/relax, bathe, move and nourish. Unguided activities include: sitting in nature for some shinrin-yoku “forest bathing” or sweat it out in the sauna then swim in the river, lie on your bed and listen to the sounds of nature, take long, slow, deep breaths. Explore the paths, fields and forests around us, breathe in the aroma of the wild lavender. Take a snooze in a hammock or relax and read a book in our wooden chairs by the river. Borrow the binoculars and do some seriously cool bird watching. Our invitation is to live freely, simply.


2024 Retreats, Weekends & Special Events

Varied retreats and themed teachings, led by international teachers offering experiential learning, cultural activities, healing therapies and quality organic cuisine. Relax, explore, rejuvenate.

We've also included our special one day events and weekend programs.

See below our special activities thus far--starting in April through December 2024. 

More coming soon...

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