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a place to breathe



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Tinhela610 wellness retreats in Portugal that defy convention. 

Escape the ordinary hum-drum and transcend into a realm of avant-garde tranquility at Tinhela610, a wilderness retreat sanctuary, nestled in the untamed beauty of Northern Portugal. This isn't your typical abode; this is a clandestine refuge for the bold, the seekers of the extraordinary and those who crave a different viewpoint than the mundane. The essence of Tinhela610 lies in its refusal to conform. Indulge in boundary pushing wellness practices that defy convention, from ancient meditation techniques to immersive sensory experiences that awaken dormant senses. Sauna, cold-water bathing, waiting for the hunger pangs, moving your body to your limit and then…This is where wellness meets rebellion and self-discovery knows no boundaries. Hidden in the rugged embrace of the Tras-os-Montes region, our wilderness sanctuary defies convention, inviting you to shed the shackles of the ordinary and embrace the audacious. As you venture into the heart of Tinhela610, you'll find a haven where the echoes of tradition collide with a pulsating undercurrent of omnipresence.

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