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a place to breathe

TINHELA610. A Place to Breathe.
Wilderness Health & Wellness Retreat Sanctuary


Escape the hum-drum and transcend into a realm of avant-garde tranquility at Tinhela610, a place to breathe. This wilderness retreat sanctuary, nestled in the untamed beauty of Northern Portugal, isn't your typical abode; this is a clandestine refuge, a get-away for the bold, the seekers of the extraordinary and those who crave time away, unplugged.

The essence of Tinhela610 lies in its refusal to adapt to the ordinary. Indulge in boundary pushing practices that defy convention, from ancient meditation techniques to immersive sensory experiences to awaken dormant senses: sauna, cold-water bathing, feeling hungry, deeply sleeping, moving your body...feeling alive. This is where human nature greets rebellion and self-discovery knows no boundaries.

Hidden in the rugged embrace of the Tras-os-Montes region, our wilderness sanctuary defies expectations, inviting you to shed the shackles of routine and embrace the audacious. As you venture into the heart of Tinhela610, you'll find a haven where the echoes of tradition collide with a pulsating undercurrent of omnipresence. 


Awaken.  Arise.  Aware. Tinhela610. A Place to Breathe.



Our concept lies within our four foundational pillars of Sleep, Bathe, Nourish and Move.  Experience and be playful in this rugged and rocky landscape that provides the dramatic backdrop for Tinhela610.  Here, the line between adventure and introspection blurs. It's a place where the untamed spirit of the land intertwines with the unapologetic audacity of our ethos and brings you to a bright perspective in life. Imbibed, interconnected, free. 

​At Tinhela610 self-discovery knows no boundaries.  


Sleep and deep relaxation are fundamental to our overall health. Learn to fall asleep peacefully and awaken rested in our simply luxurious and sweet smelling wood cabins. The cabins are conceived to promote the best quality sleep possible. Each cabin houses two guests, with tailor-made twin (or queen) beds that are equipped with all natural mattresses from CocoMat, fine Portuguese linens and soft wool blankets from Burel Portugal. Black-out curtains are installed as well as deep sleep is facilitated in a very dark room.  Plenty of built-in storage space and a niche to sit and write are the final touches to these extraordinary cabins. 


Bathe in our Japanese inspired bathhouse with pure water from our local source. Detox in our traditional Finnish wood burning sauna then jump into the cool, clean Tinhela river. We see water as a teacher and by being more attentive to our relationship with water we raise our level of awareness. We have selected ecological soaps and shampoos in line with our commitment to safeguard the environment and protect our organic water treatment system. We encourage you to only ecological products while at Tinhela610. For us, bathing our bodies is a ritual that keeps us close to ourselves, connected and rejuvenated (especially after a cold shower!).


Nourishment at Tinhela610 is key. We believe food is medicine. When possible, we serve products from our land--eggs from our chickens and veggies from the garden. Otherwise, the high quality of our locally grown products is unbeatable--tomatoes taste like tomatoes! Depending on your stay, meals will be either vegetarian or flexitarian. Our aim is to have the highest quality food that is locally sourced, including cheese, olive oil, honey and wine from the Tras-os-Montés and Douro regions. We are inspired by the Blue Zones research in longevity and how nourishment plays and important role.

Brunch and dinner are shared, convivial moments around the generous dining table or served outside. Fruits, nuts and homemade tisanes are available throughout the afternoon. We will also offer detox 5 day fasting retreats throughout the year.



Foster vitality through movement. Depending on your stay, there are many ways to move. Our outdoor platform is perfect for yoga, internal martial arts, gym exercises or stretching. At Tinhela610 you can walk on back roads or hike through the hills and even try some wilderness running. Stretch barefoot on the grass to detox and recharge. If you like gardening, we always can find a patch to get your hands dirty! The aroma of the earth here is grandiose--there have been no pesticides nor non-organic fertilizer used...ever! Just exploring the property by foot is a simple way to feel better. We are very close to the Vila Pouca de Aguiar access to the Camino de Santiago. You can also easily plan to walk this 5-6 day Camino path before or after a stay with us.



Are you ready to escape the ordinary and redefine your understanding of going on a retreat?


Tinhela610 beckons you to come. Time spent here is an expedition into the uncharted territories of your soul.  International teachers bring their expertise for 5 nights/6 days of out of the ordinary experiences. From: yoga (vinyasa, kundalini, hatha etc), plant medicine and naturopathy, movement/dance (Hip Hop, House, Ecstatic etc), longevity and lifestyle, ayurveda, martial arts (internal & external), singing/voice, human design, art/heart/earth, astrology and astronomy, and more.

Retreat to just stop all the noise and see what's left.




When there is no retreat planned, visit Tinhela610 for our Bed & Breakfast offer (minimum 2 nights). Each cabin is designed for two with your choice of twin or queen sized bed. In the morning, wake up to a delicious home-cooked breakfast.  Explore and live the wilderness lifestyle for a few days.  Just being here is enough to unleash tensions and reboost your energy. 

Private Hires

We hire out our facilities to private groups, companies, families/friends who wish to experience Tinhela610 on their own. Great for business team buildings or trainings, family or friends holidays or other private group meetings.  From mid July to the end of August we rent out Tinhela610 by the week. 


We believe in order to build sustainable, ecological economies, our future world and a healthy planet, we must understand our own relationship with nature and ourselves. We use the term “inner-sustainability” to describe the process of knowing oneself and being consciously aware of how to best manage one’s present and future choices. Hopefully, these choices will coincide naturally with decision-making that opts for a durable world with equitable economies.

Our off-the-grid retreat sanctuary is a sustainable and regenerative project. We started our permaculture garden with vegetable and fruits in 2022. We hope to grow much of what we need on-site and whatever else is lacking will be locally sourced.

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