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Let's Get It Started (for the best retreats in Portugal)

Updated: Feb 13

On this past New Year's Eve, I got up and shimmied wildly to the Black-eyed Peas "Let's Get It Started". This song like twenty years ago, has become my "go-to, move your butt, get up and go" song and has helped me tremendously during this very crazy month of January. It's helping me jump-start our 2024 season at Tinhela610.

Le's back up.

I spent three months at Tinhela610, from September to December 2023. I needed to make some final touches, receive guests who were interested in bringing their own groups for retreats or gatherings and most importantly, take time to live here, to own the place.

I learned so much. I realized how much exercise I get just by walking to the car to when I go to fetch groceries (you don't want to forget anything as it's a small hike to go back!). The wooden walkway alone has 108 steps (magic number for yogis). Going to Fairyland is a lovely jaunt over the highest rocky point of our peninsula of land that is surrounded not only by the Tinhela river but also on side by the stream that flows from our natural source.

There were clear sky nights whenI observed the stars twinkling in our huge black sky. I saw how green the landscape stayed, albeit the trees lost their leaves. The wildlife was abundant---a couple of blue herons sweep gracefully over the sky to land gently in the river. I've seen fox, river otters, rabbits and many birds. I felt a strong connection to nature that sent back benevolent, welcoming vibrations.

I met our future suppliers of wholesome food, produce, meat, fish, dairy, kombucha (!), wine, olive oil and more. I met chefs. I met massage therapists and yoga teachers, singers and dancers and philosophers. I met myself at Tinhela610 and realized living here brought me to my childhood essence of feeling nutured by nature, the outdoors, the omnipotent source for playing as a kid.

From this three month adventure, I learned that living like this was ultimately a gift to my sixties self! The child and the woman could co-exist and flourish together.

With my husband, we are embarking on an unprecedented journey as sexagenarians--that many could say is a sexier fit for a couple in their thirties. I pinch myself. Needless to say, it is ours and it is vibrant, exhilarating and challenging.

When imagining our offer, I felt a strong need to bring authentic voices to Tinhela610. Those who can guide us and share their passion as well as be attuned to the richness of being in nature while at Tinhela610. Thus far, there are nine retreats on the books today. I specifically curated five of them and the other four are independant and outrageously out of the ordinary!

My five curated retreats* include:

  1. Marie de Hennezel, a well-known french author and jungian psychologue, is coming to share her wisdom on aging and connection to the "invisible world".

  2. Hip-hop and house dancer, choreographer Melissa Sousa, is going to lead us through our body in movement--comparing it to our landscape.

  3. Multi-talented Carolina Pizarro will share yoga in all of its abundance, chanting, music and art, in a unique blend to stimulate...creativity? connection?

  4. And then we have our ethereal goddess, Ana Maria Pinto--soprano singer but much more--intuitive musician of the un-stroked sound within us.

  5. I will guide a Reset-Fasting Retreat using new, science backed products that MIMIC your body in fasting--much easier and with quite good results. These products are from the company ProLon.

I feel the invitation to come to Tinhela610, a wilderness retreat sanctuary is compelling and of great value in our world today. Taking time in nature is overwhelming important and urgent for ourselves. I hope to see you there this year.



*The first four retreats are currently in promotion for the month of February with #EarlyBird610-- a special 10% off pre-VAT price.

Our whimsical map gives a hint of what it's all about. Drawing by Lily Allegra Ketabi 


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